Czestochowa University of Technology
Czestochowa University of Technology

The paper presents harmonic analysis for the propagation of a disturbance in a simple compressible elastic structure made of steel (a cubic cube measuring 5×5×5 cm). The impact of initial compression or stretching on the propagation speed of the disorder was assessed. It has been shown that in relation to the reference model, i.e. the model without preliminary interactions, there is a change in the speed of propagation of the disturbance and change of the velocity amplitude. Differences in the obtained speeds in relation to the reference model for stretching is by 6 times higher and compression by about 47 times greater. After pre-compression, the model was additionally subjected to an impulsive load (like an hammer test). Differences in propagation velocity obtained are caused by the change of intermolecular distance for the analyzed medium, as a consequence of the influence of the preliminary impact, i.e. surface tension or compression for the analyzed simple elastic structure made of steel.

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