industrial potential

Application of Cluster Approach to the Development of Industrial Potential: Innovative Policy and Management Support

In modern conditions, the role of industrial potential is increasing, which will ensure the modernization of the national economy. The emergence of crisis phenomena of clusterization in the industrial sector of the state is deepening due to the lack of directions in the management of its development.

Formation of Mechanism of Industrial Potential Development State Administration

The article reveals the substance of the category of “mechanism” and analyzes approaches to its formation as an element of the management system.  Conceptual principles of management mechanism of industrial potential development using subject-object approach are defined. There are identified the elements of the state administration mechanism based on micro- and macroeconomic “resource – result” models and on the receipt of the best possible result with the optimal combination of different functional blocks.

Integrated evaluation of national industrial potential

An industrial potential was defined as a result of interrelation of the following constituents: social and labor, industrial and economic, finance and investment, and innovative potentials. On the basis of studying of contemporary scientific works, indices of industrial potential evaluation are generalized and their classification is accomplished.

Methodological aspects of the assessment of industrial potential

In the article methodological approaches to evaluating the economic potential are generalized. The whole set of approaches are divided into two groups: static approach, which is based on state of the potential, its system connections, and  dynamic approach,  which is based on consideration of the potential change processes (formation, use, development). The interconnection between economic potential and selected methodological approach to its assessment is established.