labour market

Labour Market of Ukraine in the Conditions of Intensification of Migration Population Processes

The article identifies that the labour market is a complex integrated system with a large number of economic entities, including intermediaries or immigrants, as well as socio-economic processes, ambiguous determinants, large amounts of information and ever-increasing links between market contractors. The impact of population migration on the labour market in Ukraine is analysed, as well as the socio-economic factors on which the level of balancing of the labour market depends, with the adjustment of labour supply to the volume of emigration of the population are outlined.

The Impact of Immigration Processes on Country’s Development, Case Study of the United Kingdom

In the article the recent immigration processes in the UK are studied. The key factors, which influence the global immigration policies, are considered.

The study is dedicated to the contemporary immigration processes in different countries and from different prospectives. The key factors, which influence global immigration processes were identified.