Specificity of Coverage of Scientific and Popular Thematics on the Example of “Science and Technology” (BBC Ukraine) and “Techno” (New Time)

The article deals with the specifics of the coverage of popular science materials on the site of the BBC Ukraine and Novoe Vremya in the sections “Science and Technology” and “Techno”. Content of headings, frequency of output of materials, genres, specificity is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the special role of popular science journalism in educating a new generation of scientists.


The article analyzes peculiarities of the Ukrainian sacral architectural heritage, its role and importance for1 preservation of national and cultural identity and the growth of international attractiveness. Attention is focused on the sacral monuments of Drohobych as an integral part of the national and world culture. The sacral legacy of Ukraine is characterized by a diversity of forms and is considered as one of the most distinctive in European and world culture.

Glass glowing specimens in museums: problems of preservation and popularization

The research concerns glass glowing specimens preserved in such museums as Lviv History Museum, Historical Museum of the town of Vynnyky, Volodymyr-Volynsky Historical Museum and Kremenets Regional Museum of Local Lore. Although glass glowing specimens are available in the museums of historic character, they are not always properly presented in the exposition. One of the reasons is that the craft of glass-glowing has not gained sufficient popularization in Ukrainian historiography, despite the centuries-old tradition of glass glowing.

Promotion of history and culture monuments by local governments using modern information and advertising tools

Today society is an indicator of maturity of attitude towards the monuments of history and culture. Preservation and promotion of them should be one of the important areas of public policy, because the rich cultural heritage of Ukraine is a part of world cultural heritage. Millions of historical and cultural monuments are on the state account in regions Ukraine. More than 12 mln. оf them are kept in the local museums. Historical and cultural influence on personality development, enrich its spiritual growth, causing emotional excitement, because they are unique evidence of the past.