Series Humanitarian Vision

The deadline for the next issue (Vol.5, Number 1, 2019)  20th March 2019

Scientific journal “Humanitarian Vision” is founded in 2015.

It is included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, order number 1222 of 07.10.2016

The issues of journal appear twice per year

Languages of articles: English, Polish, and Ukrainian

Journal “Humanitarian Vision” is oriented on the publishing the articles on the actual problems of political and philosophical sciences, among them: 1) in political sciences: immigration crisis, the essence of hybrid wars and informational wars, globalism and alter-globalism, national and global security, checks and balance system, international relationships; 2) in philosophical sciences: ontology and metaphysics, phenomenology, epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics and aesthetics, history of philosophy, social philosophy and philosophy of history, philosophical anthropology. Also, reviews of monographs, surveys of philosophical events and translations are welcomed.

Founder and Publisher: Lviv Polytechnic National University