Means of vending cyber physical system administration module optimization

Features of vending cyber physical systems performance after durable exploitation have been examined. Ready-made means of cyber physical systems scaling have been analyzed. Main advantages and disadvantages of a ready system switchover to a third-party developer’s platform have been defined. Means of large databases optimization have been offered. Analytical data that led to the decision to optimize the existing database have been produced. The elements of vending cyber physical system and possible changes in its structure due to the switchover to different platforms have been covered.

Problems of Designing a Control Systemfor Decision Making Systems of Cyberphysical Systems

This work deals with the development of a structural model of decision-making tools for cyberphysical systems and with the development of a control system of decision-making tools for cyberphysics systems. The main difficulties in developing decision-making tools have been considered and analyzed. A structural model of decision making tools for cyberphysical systems and its characteristics has been considered. The estimation of hardware costs for the implementation of decision-making tools of cyberphysical systems has been made.

The information system of state administration and actuality of its implementation in Ukraine

The importance of using modern software and hardware in the life of a citizen and the state was described. The issue of integration of information technologies and achievements of computer technologies in activity processes of government bodies in various spheres are considered, examples of accessible electronic resources available to citizens of Ukraine, which help to solve the issues of interaction between a citizen and the state, are given, their advantages and disadvantages are analyzed.

Parsing the text of terminology dictionaries

The article outlines a range of tasks, approaches and stages of developing parsing technology for text of a multilingual explanatory terminology dictionary. Research was conducted for the “Dictionary of Ukrainian Biological Terminology”. Among all the vocabulary diversity, this dictionary was chosen because terminology dictionaries provide a lexical-semantic basis for further creation of systems for the intelligent processing of professional texts, which provide information on specific subject areas.

Cyber-Physical System of Parking Lot Operation

Multilevel structure of cyber physical parking lot operation system. Classification of the ways of driver identification has been given. The functions and algorithms of parking lot equipment unit’s work have been described. The succession of cars entering the parking lot has been shown. Structural scheme of parking equipment control board has been suggested. The calculation methods of the configuration parameters for cyber physical parking lots operation system have been produced.

The methods of context processing in intelligent systems

Context-based methods represent an important part of toolkit used to build intelligent systems. In the article existent definitions of context for a system with a single decision making agent were discussed. Available formal models for context data representation and processing were compared. The approaches for different forms of reasoning within context were analyzed. Also the application of context awareness in systems with situation awareness is discussed. In the article unresolved problems and tasks in the domain of context aware computing are delineated.

The data warehouse construction for decision support system for designing distributed energy systems

This paper discusses the problems that arise when working with disparate data sources using database. The model of data warehouse is presented as way of integrating and processing data from disparate sources while creating a decision support system for the design of distributed energy systems.

Prototype of internet-accessible system of geodynamic monitoring data gathering and processing

The internet-accessible multi-user system of geodynamic monitoring data processing is presented. It is realized in the Java programming language as an interactive Web page which can be placed either on its own server of the awarding authority (Carpathian Branch of Subbotin name Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine) or on public Internet servers. Functionally the programs` complex consists of the following modules: module of receiving of geophysical information, database module, client modules, system administrator module.

Information integration of the repository of software ui components with the data structure of user interaction

The structural model of information integration data about the software UI elements (different graphic representations, properties and parameters, and multi source code implementation in various programming languages, etc.) with the structural modules of tracking and storing data about interactions of user interface is proposed.

Current state and prospects of development studies seismological in the Carpathian region of Ukraine

Shows the short history of seismological observations in the Carpathian region, the necessity of improving the seismic equipment and automation of processing the data. Is the list of existing seismic stations, their equipment and basic parameters layout. Given a list of problems to be solved by using materials obtained seismological observations. Shows the main directions of modernization of the hardware receive seismic information, communications and software.