Break up of the lithosphere and the formation of the sedimentary basins in the continent – ocean contact zones

Research was conducted on the deep structure of sedimentary basins located in the continent – ocean contact zones characterized by increased seismicity, volcano eruptions and other disastrous phenomena. Sedimentary basin formation is associated with processes going on in the upper mantle and specifically in the asthenosphere. From the asthenosphere to the crust, diapirs branch off that are channels by which deep fluids bearing earth-degassing products penetrate into sedimentary basins, being an additional source of hydrocarbons.

Reflection of local, regional and global seismotectonic process in deformations of rocks of active tectonic structures and earthquake prognosis

Multiscale pre-, co- and post-seismic deformation processes from the local, regional and strongest world's earthquakes in the Earth lithosphere according to the extenzometric measurements on the short quarts extensometer of RGS “Beregove” in Ukrainian Transcarpathians are considered. Some features of the propagation of such strains in the Eurasia lithosphere are traced.

Research of features of annual vertical movement of the crust based on the observations of permanent GNSS-Europe stations

Based on the continuous series of observations we determined the changes of absolute and regional velocity of vertical crustal movements, their spatial distribution and relationship with the tectonic structure of the region. The accumulated research results indicate the necessity for systematic studies of the impact of various geophysical factors on the stability and permanent displacement of plants and their relation to seismic activity.