educational process

Modern state of electric engineering education and science at Lviv Polytechnic National University

The main trends and tasks entrusted to the staff of the Department of Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering at the current stage of the development of science and education in Ukraine within the Strategic Plan of Development of the Institute of Energy and Control systems of Lviv Polytechnic National University are considered.

Problem of education of collective and personality in A. S. Makarenko’s works, and their role in educational process of MIA of Ukraine (to 90th anniversary of his death)

A. S. Makarenko became a part of history of the world pedagogy as one of the prominent theorists and a practical innovator. Study and publication of his works in 29 languages of the peoples of the USSR prove the fact that A. Makarenko became a world-class educator. His works were published in 24 languages abroad. The formation of A. Makarenko’s philosophical and pedagogical worldview was greatly influenced by the works of prominent foreign teachers Ya. Komensky, I. Pestalozzi, K. Ushinsky, J. J. Russo, J. Locke, I. Disterverg etc. A.

Classification of communication risks while providing educational services

To minimize the effect of unwanted factors and losses in the provision of educational services are important because they directly affect the level of training and their ability to carry out professional activities. Therefore, the investigation, analysis and classification of the losses and the risks involved in the learning process is an urgent task. In General, the risk is the estimated loss as a result of adverse factors that can accompany any production process and its participants, in particular the process of providing educational services.

Designing the Conceptual Model of the Management of Higher Education the Basis of Information and Interperating Web Technologies

This paper presents the design of a conceptual model to run higher educational institutions based on Web-technologies. The advantage of this proposed system model is the integration of regulations governing the educational process in schools (curriculum specialty, work program discipline, teacher load) with information on the subject. This creates a holistic view of the user of the learning process and provides a single point of access to all information related to the educational process.

Інформаційно-аналітична система «Електронний кампус НТУУ «КПІ»

Запропоновано використання комплексного підходу до планування та забезпечення навчального процесу вищого навчального закладу, визначено поняття системи контролю та обліку методичної роботи підрозділів, наведено структуру системного середовища. Описано технології роботи із електронним інформаційно-методичним забезпеченням навчального процесу системи “Електронний кампус”, що впроваджено в НТУУ “КПІ”.