The conference is devoted to the development of modern tools for the analyses and design of complex electrical and non-electrical systems, development of effective approaches and methods for signal processing, analyses and design of electrical and electronic circuits and electromagnetic fields. As in previous CPEE conferences, the program will be comprised of invited lectures by prominent, academic and industrial experts and contributed oral as well as poster presentations on:

  • application of optimization methods to the design of electrical systems by using field and circuit theory tools and signal processing,
  • development of effective numerical methods of the analysis of the electromagnetic fields by applying finite element and boundary elements in 2D and 3D electromagnetic and coupled problems,
  • development of new effective methods for the solution of specific biomedical problems, electronics, telecommunication and antenna systems,
  • development of efficient methods of signal processing based on the application of ICA, PCA, wavelet transformation, impedance tomography etc.,
  • artificial neural and neuro-fuzzy networks approaches to the solution of signal processing tasks belonging to the estimation, identification, prediction and approximation of problems,
  • education in the area of electrical engineering, computer science and application of the computer science.

The conference will be this year focused on application of network, field and signal theory especially in the interdisciplinary fields.