Integration of ESP32-CAM OV2604 Camera With Mobile Messengers

: pp. 88 - 93
Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Computer Engineering Department
Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Computer Engineering Department

The issue of creating an IP camera based on the ESP-32 CAM module, and integration and transfer of images to the messenger is considered. Provision is made to ensure and increase security during data transmission and interaction with the bot. It is also proposed to create a special telegram bot, using the telegram API, to obtain images from the camera, at any time, when connected to the Internet. The efficiency of the microcontroller at a given task is analyzed. The use of MQTT transmission protocol is proposed, and its advantages for this system are considered. Examples of improvement of this project, layout of this module are given. Discussion of the place and scope of work for the use of this module. The advantages of the ESP-32 CAM module for this task are considered, and why it is the best in its segment for beginners and improvement of knowledge in this work. Examples of using the module with other mobile applications are given.

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