Improving the efficiency of SCTP network software

: pp. 147 - 154
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Computer Aided Design Systems Department

The work presents a software system for demonstrating the operation of the SCTP transport protocol in comparison with its better-known analogues – TCP and UDP. To reproduce the operation of the chosen protocol, a socket API was created that describes the operation of SCTP, based on RFC 6458. It  also describes the transport protocols that are similar to the  protocol  that  was chosen to improve  performance,  namely  TCP and UDP, their  strengths and weaknesses,  and what has been improved in SCTP.

A test software model is described, which is divided into a client part and a server part, which was created to demonstrate the operation of the SCTP transport protocol. The client part consists in sending a message to the server, which will read this message and reset it. The ability to send using the SCTP protocol directly, or UDP encapsulation, thus encapsulating the SCTP packet into a UDP datagram, has been developed. The efficiency and expediency of using the software model are shown and alternative software models designed to implement the SCTP protocol are considered. The means used to implement this decision are justified as well as the platforms and operating systems on which this solution can be reproduced, other than Windows.

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