client-server system

Improving the efficiency of SCTP network software

The work presents a software system for demonstrating the operation of the SCTP transport protocol in comparison with its better-known analogues – TCP and UDP. To reproduce the operation of the chosen protocol, a socket API was created that describes the operation of SCTP, based on RFC 6458. It  also describes the transport protocols that are similar to the  protocol  that  was chosen to improve  performance,  namely  TCP and UDP, their  strengths and weaknesses,  and what has been improved in SCTP.

Features of Development and Analysis of REST Systems

The paper analyzes and presents the architecture of REST systems construction. What is the REST API and why it should be used? It describes the basic principles for what the system could be called Restful. Examples of REST-like systems, their comparison, advantages, and disadvantages of REST, and why this particular architecture was chosen, have been given. It aims at which technologies can be used for the REST system, etc.