Theoretical Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting Information Construction in the Digital Economy Environment

: pp. 14 - 19
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Modern theoretical and applied principles of digitalization and its impact on the information security of enterprises are revealed. The main digital trends that determine the directions of development of accounting and financial reporting. Peculiarities of the Ukrainian economic environment and possibilities of introduction of the means of informatization developed in the world theory are analyzed. The mechanisms of large-format automation of financial reporting processes and the use of document flow in the activities of Ukrainian enterprises are studied. The hypothesis of this study is the assumption of the positive impact of digital technologies in the reporting of socially significant Ukrainian enterprises. The study used general and specific research methods, namely: the method of systematic analysis of domestic and foreign experience in the digital economy to justify a systematic approach to the study of phenomena and processes of building a new paradigm of interaction of economic agents; dialectical method for studying the genesis of the digital economy as a defining trend of modern global socio-economic development; method of induction to determine the factors influencing the environment of digitization of accounting information; the grouping method provided systematization of factors influencing the development of digitization processes, etc. It is substantiated that digitalization as an environment for economic processes and operations will lead to changes in methodological tools of accounting and virtualization of accounting processes.

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