Automation of the measurement procedure in the mechanical north-seeking gyroscop

The aim of the work is to develop an automated measuring system in a mechanical gyrocompass with the help of specially developed hardware and software in order to facilitate the operation of the device and minimize observer errors. The developed complex provides automation only for the time method, as for the method of the turning point it is necessary to constantly contact the motion screw of the total station. The project is based on an integrated system, the hardware part of which contains a single-board computer, camera, and lens.

Theoretical Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting Information Construction in the Digital Economy Environment

Modern theoretical and applied principles of digitalization and its impact on the information security of enterprises are revealed. The main digital trends that determine the directions of development of accounting and financial reporting. Peculiarities of the Ukrainian economic environment and possibilities of introduction of the means of informatization developed in the world theory are analyzed. The mechanisms of large-format automation of financial reporting processes and the use of document flow in the activities of Ukrainian enterprises are studied.

Algorithmic and Software of Migration of Databases in Hypermarket Network

Possible ways and options of migrating data from existing database management systems to new ones have been analyzed in the article. Also, the main advantages and disadvantages of these methods have been considered, the common problems that may arise during migration and the standard requirements for this type of system have been given. In the practical part, the Exact Transform Load (ETL) system has been developed with the implementation of all its functional and non-functional requirements, migrating data from the old system to the new one.

Automatization of functions determination and productivity of terms in terminology systems

The essence of the problem is the complexity of the analysis of large-scale terminology systems containing hundreds or thousands of terms. To solve this problem it is suggested to use the method of network analysis proposed by E. F. Skorohodko. The method involves the representation of the terminology system in the form of a matrix and the separation of the initial, derivative and final terms, as well as the definition of their productivity.

Побудова CI/CD процесу розроблення програмного забезпечення з використанням TeamCity та Go CD

Described an implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes using TeamCity and GoCD.

До питання про прискорений вибір значення коефіцієнта кросинговера в задачах передискретизації зображень

 A new method for rapid automatic detection values of crossing-over operations in the of the image preprocessing tasks, which based on the divergence matrix operators. Experimental results shown high resistance of method to image processing with fluctuation of intensity function. Comparing the results of the proposed method with the results for the existing, showed acceleration automatically select the crossover factor that significantly reduces the necessary computing power for its operation. This leads to the possibility of he effective usage in preprocessing of large-size images.

Reform of risk-oriented system of customs and tax control in the part of informatization and automation

The article addresses the issues of reforming the risk-oriented system of customs and tax control in the part of informatization and automation. It is analyzed the legal regulation of informatization and automation of fiscal bodies. Some measures are proposed to increase the  efficiency of application of the system of analysis and risk management in the implementation of customs and tax control in the context of creating a unified risk management system in the bodies of the state fiscal service of Ukraine.