Cartographic providing of the administration of land resources

: pp. 98 - 105
Received: July 04, 2014
Accepted: March 24, 2014
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Purpose. Administration of land resources is an important component of the land state policy. In its turn, making informed decisions regarding the objective usage of the land resources, their protection and reproduction requires reliable and objective information in its various aspects, including the cartographical one, presented at the time of the adoption or making administrative decisions. In this aspect, the integration of various cartographic materials, carried out in different time periods and in different coordinate systems and scales to unified integrated system is the actual problem, which became the purpose of this publication. Methodology. Methods of spatial analysis are the basis for conducting the researches, these methods allow, using Remote Sounding and GIS-technologies, to integrate the cartographical material of different thematic direction, periods of creation, coordinate systems and scales to unified integrated system of the database. Results. We have obtained the separate maps (layers). In particular, the selected zones of restrictions and encumbrances, categories of the land, agro industrial groups of soil. Originality. It was proposed technology of the integration of cartographical material to unified database based on using satellite images and ArcGIS software package. Practical significance. The conducted theoretical researches and their practical realization indicate the possibility of using this technology to the integration of cartographical materials, which is essential in the formulation of project and management decisions for the development of territories and, in particular, land and property relations.

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