Concepts of rational land use

State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”; Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture
State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”

Objective. The concept of sustainable land use in the context of sustainable development of land development plays a very important role in modern models of land management. Conditioned by the agrarian orientation of our country, many publications are aimed at solving problems of rational use of agricultural lands, while other categories of land are given less attention. Taking into account the available features for other categories of land, the purpose of this publication is to summarize and to provide conceptual approaches to sustainable land use of industrial areas. Methodology. The results were obtained by analyzing the State legal acts of Ukraine, and from publications of domestic and foreign authors on issues of sustainable development of land and development of eco-cities in Ukraine and abroad. The study is based on official statistics and reports of The State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre and State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Results. Based on current research on industrial land use, priority directions of their possible sustainability use were given, and the corresponding specificity was suggested. The concepts of “sustainable development”, “eco-city” and “eco-development” were defined and the results of foreign research on these issues were presented. It was established that in Western Europe, all land management is based on the principles of sustainable development with a significant influence of an environmental component, which is a burning issue in Ukraine as well. Scientific novelty. Scientific novelty is based on the suggestions for a possible adaptation of the environmental component of sustainable use of industrial land to form industrial park land parcels. Practical value. The development of the concept of sustainable territorial development and its adaptation in Ukraine for all categories of land is to become a priority in the near future. In this matter, the most important is the ability to combine the best practices of developed countries, while taking local conditions into account.

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