Research problems in the development of environmentally-oriented economy (on the instance of the industrial enterprises on the Lviv region)


Mnykh O.B., Sokil Yu.R.

The anthropogenic environmental problems in the Lviv region studied in scientific paper. Sustainable development characteristics of the Lviv region in 2009-2011 are given using indicators such as the index of sustainable development, detailed by three indicators of sustainable development - economic, environmental and socio-institutional and the harmonization of sustainable development level. The current state of the investment attractiveness of the Lviv region characterized in terms of the impact of "soft" - the business climate, the efficiency of state authorities, administrative procedures, property rights, corruption, taxes and fees, openness of the authorities, business optimism and "hard" factors - natural resources (water and land), human resources: health, access to education, innovation potential, consumer segment, business segment, infrastructure – based on which benefits and problems of attracting investment in the development of Lviv region defined. The article presents data on the volume of investment in the Lviv region in 2005-2012 years, which are detailed in such areas as protection and rational use of water resources, air protection, protection of natural resources and rational use of mineral resources, protection and rational use of land, utilization and neutralization of toxic industrial, household and other wastes - the dynamics of change are analyzed using a geometric mean values and through trend analysis for such variables as investment in the protection and rational use of water resources and the total environmental investment in the Lviv region in 2005-2012 years. The environmental rating of Lviv region in 2012, based on the data presented in the Statistical Yearbook of Ukraine for 2012 formed and detailed by the following indicators: the use of fresh water, the amount of reversibly used and reused water, the proportion of reused water in the total use of for production needs, wastewaters disposal into natural surface waters objects, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere per square kilometer, emissions of pollutants and carbon dioxin emissions into the air from mobile sources of pollution, pollutant substances and carbon dioxin emissions into the atmosphere from stationary sources of pollution,  I-IV hazard class waste generating , including I-III hazard classes, presence of wastes, including I-III hazard class – based on which the key environmental anthropogenic problems defined. Particular attention is paid to the formation and recycling of wastes as one of the major environmental threats in Lviv region. According to information provided by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Lviv regional state administration the main characteristics of polluting enterprises in Lviv region characterized, as well as a comparative analysis of categorical changes in environmental safety of industrial objects in Lviv region in 2006 and 2011 Also examples of establishing communications between state and private, scientific and research cooperation in the field of rational waste management provided. Based on the results of the research main directions in the study of processes of eco-oriented regional economy defined and a range of activities aimed at reducing the level of the destructive impact of economic activities on the ecological situation of the Lviv region proposed.