A study of devices used for geometric parameter measurement of engineering building construction

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Engineering geodesy department of Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The aim. To study the abilities of electronic tacheometers to control geometric parameters of engineering constructions. Methods. The analysis of standard-setting documents for conducting geodetic works in industrial production and construction was carried out. The methods and devices used for this purpose were explored. Results. It is proposed to use electronic tacheometer and special methodology for such tasks. For this purpose, the research of a distance-measuring theodolite of an electronic tacheometer was conducted. In order to control the measurement of distances directly on the construction site, a 10-meter invar wire stand was developed, which was previously tested at the 1st-grade standard in the research institute of metrology with an accuracy of no greater than 0.01 mm. The method of transmission of reference distances, where special spheres and geodetic points are fixed by an aperture were developed. For direct measurements of the sections, the method of invar wire tensing was investigated, and mechanical balancing of the weighing system was performed. The control of the instrument's angular values ​​was fulfilled on a higher-order metrological installation. The influence of non-perpendicular axes and eccentricity on the accuracy of angles measurement was established. To optimize pointing at a reflective mark, the design of the mark and the special bracket, which with the accuracy of not worse than 100, orientates the mark perpendicularly to the light beam of an electronic tachometer, was researched. The triple prism was also investigated, the relationship between height, diameter and reflection center was established. The design of a spherical reflector and a stand for laying runs with compensation of centering, reduction, and heights measurement of a device-reflector was developed. The construction of a bracket (vector) with two reflectors for the measurement work was developed. A three-dimensional model of an industrial object for optimal planning of places for fixing a geodetic basis and transition points of an electronic tacheometer was elaborated. Scientific novelty. The method of balancing forces in a geodetic tripod can be considered as the basis for the initiation of an automated centering of a device. Optical calculation of a triple prism can be used to determine a permanent of a geodetic device without measurements on the basis. The calculation of the optimal geodetic mark image provides unambiguous visibility and increases the accuracy of angular measurements. Practical significance. Using the developed method, it is possible with the help of any tacheometer to determine the spatial coordinates of an engineering construction with control and optimal accuracy.

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