Research and development of the ways of hardware implementation of portable frequency impedance analyzers

: pp. 43-48
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Opole University of Technology
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Department of Information-Measurement Technologies

Impedance spectroscopy is widely used to study biological, physical and chemical objects, for example in biomedical measurements, in study of the materials properties, particularly on micro- and nanoscale, for corrosion monitoring and diagnostics, for control of batteries, fuel cells. Often research is carried out on a objects under non-laboratory conditions. A good example of such research is the use of impedance spectroscopy for testing of corrosion-resistant coatings on various steel structures such as bridges, pipelines and other. This leads to the need for cheap, small portable measuring devices – impedance analyzers. A novel concept for design of portable impedance analyzers have been developed in the article. Themain idea is based on minimization of the analog part ofmeasurement channel, aswell as on the replacement of a number of functions to a personal computer. Three variants of design of portable impedance analyzers are described and analyzed in the article. The first option involves the use of single-chip converter AD5933, combined with universal processor Atmega16U2 and external operational amplifier. The hardware implementation is quite simple, but the main disadvantage is limited frequency band (maximum frequency converter AD5933 is 100 kHz). Also this approach has no possibility for tuning and optimization of measuring channel parameters. The second implementation of portable impedance analyzers is based on the STM32F4 digital signal controller with built-in DACs and ADCs, which makes it an extremely attractive in terms of flexibility and simplicity in the design. However, the drawback of this implementation includes limited frequency band (100 kHz). The third option involves the implementation of digital part of the impedance analyzer (CPU, DDS and DSP blocks) on FPGA in combination with external DAC and ADC. This method is the most flexible in terms of configuration, as the digital part enables optimization of measurement channel parameters and DAC and ADC specifications can be chosen according to current application needs. The main disadvantage of this approach is relatively high price and power consumption.

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