: pp. 41-45
Ukrainian Academy of Metrology

In recent times, in the world, more attention is paid to one of the main components of the competitiveness of products – its quality. This is due to the globalization and openness of the markets, an increasing number of diverse products. This also  prompts  the  availability  of  its  choice  and  demanding  consumers.  The  concept  of  quality  -  the  most  important  consumer characteristics  of  products,  determined by  the  ability  to  satisfy  customers,  as well  as predictable  and  unexpected  effects  on  the relevant stakeholders, encompasses not only  their  functions and characteristics, but also  their perceived value and benefit  for  the customer. That  is,  the quality of products  can be  characterized as  a set of normalized properties of products  that satisfy  certain consumer needs in relation to its intended purpose and conditions of application. Therefore, there is every reason to state that the quality of products is determined by the ratio of its actually achieved quality index to its normalized value, which is formed by the requests  of  customers,  requirements  of  standards,  contracts,  contracts,  and  if  it  is  a measure,  then  it  should be measured  ,  the degree of its conformity is determined.

In  Ukraine,  one  of  the  main  effective  tools  for  the  product  quality  assurance  is  recognized,  as  harmonized  with  the European system of Technical Regulation.  It  is based on  the  legal regulation of  relations  in the area of definition, establishment, application and implementation of mandatory requirements for product characteristics and related processes and methods.

A  number  of  national  normative  acts  and  harmonized  international  standards  have  recently  been  adopted  in  Ukraine, aiming the introduction of transparent constructive methodology  for  the verification of product quality  in the system of technical regulation, which  constitutes  the  process  of  proving  that  the  specified  requirements. Modules  for  assessing  the  conformity  of products,  or  regulated  by  the  relevant  regulatory  documents,  in  particular  technical  regulations,  or  which  must  pay  particular attention, are determined by the manufacturer. Realization of this methodology will lead the Ukrainian state to satisfy the needs of consumers and to solve economic problems.

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