: pp. 9-15
State Enterprise "Lviv Scientific and Production Center for Standardization, Metrology and Certification" (Lvivstandardmetrology State Enterprise)
Diagnostic Center «MEDIS», Lviv
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The modern development of the state and the ever-growing competitive struggle require the search for new, more effective strategic capabilities of enterprises, among which social responsibility is of great importance. A comprehensive socio-economic study of social responsibility in Ukraine is now a time requirement. The purpose of the work is to formulate the legal and regulatory framework of socioeconomic understanding of the essence, peculiarities of formation and realization of the complex phenomenon of social responsibility, and on this basis – justification of priority directions of its practical use for the needs of the state development.

International initiatives in the field of social responsibility and their implementation in Ukraine, including the activities of clinical diagnostic laboratories (CDL), are analyzed.

Clinical laboratory diagnostics (laboratory medicine) is one of the most important components of the health care system, which provides medical and diagnostic assistance to patients in the assessment of health status, diagnosis of diseases, monitoring of the results of treatment, further prognosis of the disease course and quality of life having national importance for preserving and improving the health of the population. The quality of life of a sick person in modern medicine is considered as an integral characteristic of his condition, which consists of physical, psychological, social components.

After all, more than 70% of the information to make a decision about the diagnosis, the doctor receives from the laboratory. Moreover, when monitoring patients, this percentage increases to 80%.

Social responsibility is multidimensional and multilevel. At the individual level, it manifests itself through a person’s perception of certain principles, principles, and behavior in society; at the state level – through the proper standard of living, cultural and moral development; at the enterprise level – through high standards of service, social standards and quality of work.

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