Methods for Determination of Oil and Grease Contents in Wastewater from the Petroleum Industry

: pp. 437 – 444
Received: September 04, 2015
Revised: October 09, 2015
Accepted: January 29, 2016

Ilma Cirne, Jaime Boaventura, Yuri Guedes and Elizabete Lucas

Ilma Cirne-1, Jaime Boaventura-1, Yuri Guedes-2 and Elizabete Lucas-2

  1. Federal University of Bahia, Institute of Chemistry, R. Barao Jeremoabo, 147, Ondina 40170-115, Salvador, Brazil
  2. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Institute of Macromolecules, Av. Horacio Macedo 2030 - Ilha do Fundao, 21941598 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Infrared spectrometry and spectrofluorimetry methods were correlated in the measurement of oil concentration in produced water. Furthermore, we compared colorimetry and gravimetry techniques. Adsorption experiments were performed in synthetic oily wastewaters by polymer compounds based on poly(hydroxyethyl acrylamide  and polypropylene. The residual oil content was used in the techniques correlation.

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