The Immobilized Cu-Ni-Fe-Cr Layered Double Hydroxide on Silica-Layered Magnetite as a Reusable Mesoporous Catalyst for Convenient Conversion of Epoxides to 1,2-Diacetates

: pp. 279 - 287
Faculty of Science and Chemistry, Urmia University
Faculty of Science and Chemistry, Urmia University

In this study, $Cu-Ni-Fe-Cr$ layered double hydroxide (LDH) immobilized on silica layered magnetite $({Fe}_{3}{O}_{4}@{SiO}_{2}@Cu-Ni-Fe-Cr \,  LDH)$ was investigated towards ring opening of diverse epoxides with acetic anhydride to afford vic-diacetates within 15–40 min in high yields. Reusability of the nano-LDH was also studied for 6 consecutive cycles without the significant loss of catalytic activity.

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