Dependence of Linear Isobaric Thermal Expansivity of Polymers on Their Flexibility

: pp. 796 - 799
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas
Laboratory of Advanced Polymers & Optimized Materials (LAPOM), Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Department of Physics, University of North Texas
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of North Texas; Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University

We have obtained an equation for polymers relating their flexibility $Y$ defined in 2019 to the linear isobaric thermal expansivity $\alpha_L$. This way we have connected quantitatively a thermodynamic property to a mechanical one. The expansivity is important since different materials expand at different rates on the increase of temperature; the same applies to contraction resulting from cooling. Thus, a temperature change can cause disintegration of a composite with no mechanical force involved.

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