polymer flexibility

Dependence of Linear Isobaric Thermal Expansivity of Polymers on Their Flexibility

We have obtained an equation for polymers relating their flexibility $Y$ defined in 2019 to the linear isobaric thermal expansivity $\alpha_L$. This way we have connected quantitatively a thermodynamic property to a mechanical one. The expansivity is important since different materials expand at different rates on the increase of temperature; the same applies to contraction resulting from cooling. Thus, a temperature change can cause disintegration of a composite with no mechanical force involved.

Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Polymers and Polymer-Based Composites

A definition of rigidity of polymers and polymer-based composites (PBCs) by an equation is formulated. We also discuss tribological properties of polymers and PBCs including frictions (static, sliding and rolling) and wear. We discuss connections between viscoelastic recovery in scratch resistance testing with brittleness B, as well as Charpy and Izod impact strengths relations with B. Flexibility Y is related to a dynamic friction. A thermophysical property, namely linear thermal expansivity, is also related to the brittleness B.