The Effect of Composition and Structure of NBR-Based Elastomer Blends in the Vulcanization Process and Study of Their Aging by Exposure to Heat and Radiation

: pp. 829 - 835
Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Radiation Problems
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU)
Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Radiation Problems
Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Radiation Problems
Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU),
Ministry of Science and Education Republic of Azerbaijan, Institute of Radiation Problem

The vulcanization process of elastomeric blends based on chlorinated aromatic nitrile-butadiene rubber (SKN-40M) has been studied in the present work. The structural parameters (molecular weight, plasticity, rigidity, number of network chains, cross-linked molecules) in thermovulcanizates were investigated on an example of nitrile-butadiene rubber blend with polyvinyl chloride using viscometry and the sol-gel process.

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