Structural Properties of Polythiophene Doped with FeCl3


Deepali Kelkar and Ashish Chourasia

Polythiophene is chemically synthesized and doped with FeCl3 for 2.5, 5 and 10 h. For structural investigation all samples have been characterized using different techniques. The results of elemental analysis show that with the increase of doping duration the Fe content increases while the S content decreases. FTIR spectrum reveals the complex formation between FeCl3 and polythiophene. UV-Visible results have been used to calculate band gap energy. Analysis of XRD shows that after polythiophene doping by FeCl3 some modifications in crystal structure and increase in crystallinity take place. Morphological studies using SEM have been carried out. TGA-DTA results indicate the reduction in Tg values with the increase in dopant concentration as well as increase in thermal stability due to doping.

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