Ensuring the efficiency of decisions, made by power unit operators at thermal power plants as a major factor for their sustainable control

: pp. 83-86
Lviv Polytechnic National University

This paper deals with  the development of a list of key measures to reduce the impact of factors of the external and internal environment on the decisions made by power unit operators at thermal power plants, and the sustainable control of the power units. The meaures given  will enable rational decisions to be made by the operators intensively working in stresfull conditions . According to the target task concerning research into the object’s state, it is necessary to form a model of the dynamic situations for each aggregate and energy-active object in the state area, and to project them into their target area at each level of the hierarchy of a thermal power plant’s technological system, linking by interface the databases, information and measurement systems of selecting the operations data, knowledge bases, expert systems and CAD systems of the upper level with operational and administrative staff.

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