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Implementation Stages of the Automated Management Accounting System

The article investigates the relevance of the implementation of management accounting systems using information technology. Digitalization and digital transformation significantly influence business processes, accounting procedures, and the enterprise management system in general. It is established that management accounting is an information base for the use of information by management in making managerial decisions and assessing the results of economic activity. Therefore, the relevance, efficiency, timeliness, and interpretation of data are impossible without its automation.


The Software quality management system has been developed. The system allows you to determine the state of software quality at each hierarchical level of the management system, taking into account the cost of ensuring the required quality. The system also allows the IT company manager to set the potential costs for the transition of software quality indicators from one state to another.

Model as a description of the public administration system of the population legal education

On the basis of the analysis of scientific literature, law-oriented models proposed by Ukrainian scientists were determined; their generalization was carried out. The functional model of public administration of legal education in Ukraine has been developed and described its main elements and approaches have been defined.

Problems and Prospects of Application of Corporate Technologies of Enterprise Management in the Conditions of European Integration

The purpose of the article is to systematize the features of application of corporate technologies of enterprise management under the conditions of euro integration.

The problems of formation and application of automated information technologies in enterprise management systems are analyzed. Its features in the conditions of European integration are revealed.

Formation of Marketing Decisions in the Enterprise Management System

The article deals with different approaches to defining the essence of the concept of “marketing”. The basic stages of the process of developing and making marketing decisions in the enterprise management system are investigated, the content and procedure of interaction of the main elements of the marketing decision making process are determined.

Ensuring the efficiency of decisions, made by power unit operators at thermal power plants as a major factor for their sustainable control

This paper deals with  the development of a list of key measures to reduce the impact of factors of the external and internal environment on the decisions made by power unit operators at thermal power plants, and the sustainable control of the power units. The meaures given  will enable rational decisions to be made by the operators intensively working in stresfull conditions .

Updating Management Models in Terms of Enterprise Management Intellectualization

The article explores the dynamics of the proportion of adult population among the Internet users and the use of information and communication technologies by enterprises in Ukraine. The different impact of digital technologies on economic development of a number of countries is considered. The dynamics of the number of scientific as well as scientific and technical studies in the structure of GDP of Ukraine is analysed.

Approaches to development and making, management decisions under uncertainty and risk

The article analyzes approaches to development and decision making under uncertainty and risk, which may occur in the line of authority and heads of departments of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies. To put in order the process of making management decisions as a combination of formal and informal procedures, to use technology of making decisions rationally, that will make an analysis of previously made decisions, adopts the best management decision.