Volume 3, Number 2, 2017

Published on December 20, 2017.

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The Centenary of the Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

In 2017, the Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies of Lviv Polytechnic National University celebrated its centenary. Founded back in 1917, it has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological progress, being a powerful scientific and educational hub of Lviv Polytechnic University, its fame and pride.

Even the very chronology of the modifications of the names of the department testifies to the undeniable achievements of the department in all its activities. Initially, it was called "Technological Measurements Department". At that time it was headed by Professor Roman Vitkevych, one of the founders of the theory and practice of precise measurements. Subsequently, the department, which was then headed by Professor Mykola Shumilovsky, got the name "Thermal Measurements and Instruments Department." In 1951-1958 this scientific-educational unit was a part of the "Department of Automatic Measuring Devices", headed by the famous scientist Konstantin Karandeev, Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Subsequently, responding to the urgent need to train specialists in the automation of technological processes, the department was reorganized and given the name "Automation of Production Processes Department", and it was for many years managed by Yuriy Sitnycky, a well-known scientist born in Lviv. It was then that its main laboratory base was created and the direction of scientific research of its staff was determined. The department trained specialists in the fields of automation and complex mechanization of chemical and technological processes, automation of heat and energy processes, oil and gas processing including their extraction, transportation and storage.

In 1969 the department was renamed "Automation of Heat and Chemical Processes Department". It was led by Volodymyr Kos succeeded by Eduard Brailov, and in 1986, the department was headed by Professor Yevhen Pistun, its current chair, Academician of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy.

It is also a great merit of the talented and friendly staff of the department that they initiated the opening in Ukraine of such a promising basic training course as "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies". For this purpose, the relevant state standard was developed and implemented. Lviv Polytechnic’s scientists have always enjoyed great authority in their fields of knowledge, which is evidenced by the fact that for a long time the Scientific-Methodical Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in this area was headed by Yevhen Pistun.

The staff of the department also initiated the creation of the PJSC "Institute of Energy Audit and Energy Carrier Accounting" to solve the tasks of energy saving and energy accounting that are extremely important for Ukraine. Thus the Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies, which has the highest level of accreditation, has created an academic school that is well-known and authoritative in the scientific environment and which has produced a galaxy of renowned scientists and engineers who have laid the foundations for the development of modern automation systems in the power engineering, chemical and gas industries of Ukraine.