Model and Method of Solid Household Waste Sorting for Their Effective Thermal Disposal

: pp. 31 – 46
Received: February 09, 2023
Revised: March 05, 2023
Accepted: March 10, 2023
Odesa Polytechnic National University
National University "Odesa Maritime Academy"

The work considers the development of a simulation model and an automated method of sorting solid household waste based on the identification of a portion of the studied raw material with further classification according to accepted groups of characteristic chemical composition. A method of classification of municipal solid waste (MSW) and a method of their identification was proposed, which made it possible to identify groups that produce acid gases. The basis of the method is a simulation model, which is represented by a tabular form of the gross formulas of possible compounds. The identified compounds are identified both qualitatively by the isoenthalpic method and quantitatively by the express gravimetric method. The sequential chain of identification makes it possible to search for substances that form acid gases during further processing by thermal destruction methods. A method of sorting solid household waste has been developed for the possibility of further processing of each group with maximum efficiency and compliance with ecological indicators. The method is based on: technological method of sorting; the method of sorting raw materials-processing in which measuring devices are integrated to ensure the specified characteristics of identification according to the classification features of the simulation model; the principle of using measuring devices depending on the type of identification task by qualitative or quantitative indicator.

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