Scientific Journal «Geodynamics»

Registration certificate: series KB № 1290 of February 28, 1995.

Scientific journal "Geodynamics" is included in the List of professional editions of Ukraine (category "A") by branch of science: technical, geological; specialty 193 (Geodesy and land management),103 (Earth Sciences)

Scientific journal "Geodynamics" funded by the Lviv Polytechnic National University 

Collection on electronic archive site of Scientific and technical library of Lviv Polytechnic National University

Publisher - Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House

Collection on publishing site of Lviv Polytechnic National University

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2 issues per year (Issue 1 - June, Issue 2 - December).

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The purpose of the Journal is to highlight the new problems of research of various-scale natural and technogenic geodynamic processes and ways of their solution with the help of fundamental and applied geodesic, geological, geophysical, geomorphological and integrated studies, new scientific approaches and developments in the areas of creation and improvement of technologies of geodynamic monitoring, analysis of geoecological threats and risks and their neutralization.


Publication of materials of fundamental and applied geodesic, geological, geophysical, geomorphological and integrated scientific researches of various scale natural and technogenic geodynamic processes, new developments and results for space-to-ground observation technology, new geoecological problems.

Expansion of the scientific outlook of researchers from profile and related fields of knowledge.

Providing information support to innovation activities in the field of geodynamic research and monitoring.

Journal "Geodynamics"  for specialists – geodesists, geologists and geophysicists, researches of academic and industrial institutions, lecturers, post-graduate students and students of universities and institutes who are engaged in the problems of geodynamics and accompanying researches.