Geology and prospects of hydrocarbons in the transition zone of the shallow water of the Apsheron field

Received: March 19, 2024
MicroPro GmbH, Germany

The Apsheron field area presents the most promising prospect within the Shallow Water Transition Zone of the Apsheron archipelago across all potential reservoir levels. This assessment aims to identify the exploration potential of the area and the associated new business opportunities. The region encompasses water depths ranging from 10 to 20 meters. Methodologically, we utilized available new seismic data, evaluated reference well data, and considered other geological factors within the Petrel program. Individual recoverable resource volumes per reservoir layer were calculated using the Monte Carlo program. The total consolidated resource volume of the Productive Series in the entire Bank-Apsheron area is 80.3 million barrels (MMBBL). Additionally, the consolidated resource volumes for the Mesozoic across the entire Bank-Apsheron area amount to 21.4 MMBBL. Specifically, the Gosha Dash area accounts for 16.1 MMBBL of the consolidated resource volumes. Notably, this area remains undrilled. The Gosha Dash structure is viewed as a potential target for field extension, contributing to the remaining exploration potential of Bank-Apsheron and West-Apsheron. The Mesozoic deposit within this area has been identified via 2D seismic data at approximately 2000 meters depth. Consequently, this section of the structure is not categorized solely for exploration purposes but also serves as an appraisal and development target for future wells.

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