Earth crust of eastern segment of Ukrainian Carpathians in the regional profile RP-5 zone: structure, geodynamics, oil and gas bearing

The purpose of the work is to present widely to the scientific community and analyze in detail the structure and oil and gas bearing of the Bukovyna lithosphere (the eastern part of the Carpathian region of Ukraine) based on the unique data on the regional RWМ-CDP profile RP-5 and on the neighboring regional profiles with the involvement of other geological and geophysical data.

A study of the influence of water level fluctuations on the geodynamic situation in the natural and technical geosystem of the Dniester HPP and PSPP cascade

Purpose. Statistical information for the period from 2016 to 2021 was used to analyze seismic activity. Objective. The aim of the study is to identify the relationship between changes in water level and local seismic activity in the region. Using HPP and Psing filtering, the hypocenters of earthquakes within a radius of 30 km from the seismic station with the NDNU index were selected, and using geographic information technology tools, the hypocenters of earthquakes were compared with the geological structure of the region. Methodology.

The Educational Activity and Scientific Heritage of Julian Niedzwiedzki (1845–1918)

Based on the analysis of archival sources, Julian Medvedski’s studies at the Przemysl German Gymnasium were studied. Despite successful training, the future Ukrainian professor took an active part in Ukrainian student life. The creation of the “Hromada” in Przemysl was the beginning of the dissemination of the ideas of the modern Ukrainian nation. The symbol of this is the cult of Taras Shevchenko.

Geological and cartographic grounds for mapping of ore-magmatic systems

Most of the ore deposits are located in the ore-magmatic systems, which are spatially and genetically connected with the ring structures. Studying of the geology and all available map materials allows to detect the type and background of different signs of deposit mineralization and to develop the criteria for exploration of mineral deposits.