Policy of reviewing

Each submitted manuscript to the editorial office is subject to review.

All manuscripts must correspond to the profile, policy of the journal and must be prepared in accordance to the requirements of the journal. Improperly prepared manuscripts will be rejected. The review takes place in the form of a "double blind review". By reviewing, the relevance of the article and its title to the topics of the journal, relevance and scientific level, advantages and disadvantages, and the compliance of the issue with the requirements of the editorial board are assessed. In the case of one negative review. the manuscript will sent to one more reviewer. With two negative reviews, the manuscript is rejected by the editorial board.

A review with a conclusion (recommended without modification, recommended with comments, not recommended), is given to the author of the article without the signature of the reviewer.

All disputes are dealt with at a meeting of the editorial board. The decision on the expediency of publication is taken by the editorial board by voting.

The final decision on the publication of the article is taken by the editor-in-chief.

After the manuscript is accepted, it passes literary editing, editing of the English language, and final amendments by the authors.


  1. Reviewers should be kept confidential all information regarding to reviewed manuscript.
  2. Reviewers must ensure that authors have acknowledged all sources of date used in the research. Any kind of similarity between the manuscript and other published paper, must be immediately brought in to notice to the Editors.
  3. Reviewers should express their views clearly with the supporting arguments.
  4. In case, the reviewers feel that it is not possible to complete the review process on time, must inform the Editors immediately, so the manuscript could be send to any other reviewer.
  5. Reviewers should tell the Editors if there is any conflict of interest in reviewing of the paper