Activation of polyethylene granules by finely dispersed zinc

The results of experimental researches of features of mechanical activation of polyethylene granules with finely dispersed zinc in a ball mill, and also results of research of chemical copper plating of activated polyethylene granules are given. The influence of the ratio of polyethylene granules and fine zinc, the speed of rotation of the ball mill and the duration of activation, as well as the degree of loading of the components in the activation process of polyethylene granules was studied.


Natural clinoptilolite is used in a variety of technological processes, in particular as sorbents. In order to achieve high technological and techno-economic indicators of the processes in which zeolite is used, it is necessary to provide them with the highest possible sorption ability. This is achieved by activating natural zeolites by physical, physico-chemical and chemical methods. One of the promising methods of activating natural zeolites is their treatment in the field of ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Implementation of discounts for commerce activation of domestic wholesale trade organizations

Practical peculiarities of activizing domestic wholesale trade organizations’ activities through sales promotion specific tools are considered. Particular attention is paid to such an instrument of business revitalization as introduction of a reasonable system of discounts for wholesale customers. There exist many benefits of providing discounts, among them: forming a competitive assortment model for a wholesale trade object, its flexible response to market demands and its adaptation to changing conditions, financial stability provision and profitability increase.

Levers of regional investment activity regulation: definition, differentiation, possibilities of use

The essence of levers of regulation and increased efficiency of investment activities in the region  is  determinated  in  terms  of  regional  economy,  management,  theory  and  practice  of investment.  Classification  of  levers  of  regional  investment  activities  regulation  is  proposed.