Mobile system for spatial orientation of people with vision disorders

Based on the analysis of existing systems for helping blind people to navigate in space, an understanding arose in the creation of a new system that would have a completely different approach to the interaction of a blind user with the existing world. Such a system, having the function of a voice message, provides a blind person with information and thus helps him orientate in space. Existing approaches focus on providing sound signals, which only make it possible to redirect a person in a certain direction, prohibit or allow movement.

Principle of construction of cyberphysical system of control of work of the smart greenhouse

A cyberphysical system is a mechanism that is controlled or tracked by computer algorithms and is closely linked to the Internet and interaction with the physical world. The system describes a combination of three main components: the physical world, the software algorithm and the Internet.

Algorithm for Calculating Flowrate of Fluid Energy Carrier for Flowmeter Based on Standard Long Radius Nozzle

New equation and algorithm are developed for non-iterative calculating flowrate of fluid energy carrier for pressure differential flowmeter based on long radius nozzle. This equation implicitly contains three build-in iterative cycles for calculating flowrate. According to the results of comparing the flowrate values obtained by developed non-iterative algorithm to the flowrate values by standard iterative algorithm, the authors found that the developed non-iterative algorithm ensures the accuracy of flowrate calculation specified by the requirements of DSTU GOST 8.586.5:2009.


The available means of ordering and sorting in some important sections of discrete mathematics and computer science are studied, namely: in the set theory, classical mathematical logic, proof theory, graph theory, POST method, system of algorithmic algebras, algorithmic languages of object-oriented and assembly programming. The Cartesian product of sets, ordered pairs and ordered n-s, the description by means of set theory of an ordered pair, which are performed by Wiener, Hausdorff and Kuratowski, are presented. The requirements as for the relations that order sets are described.

Establishment of a Facing Recognition System for Video Observation

In the article were researched the principles of building systems for observation and recognition of objects. Also we have given the classification of human faces recognition methods. Authors have analized the features of operetion for the progressive calibration network (PCN) for human face recognition. And finally has been created and tested the developed face recognition algorithm as the realized software system.

The Main Cluster Node Formation in Wireless Sensory Networks

In wireless sensor networks, the clustering method is often used to transmit information, which is one of the most energy efficient approaches. Since the master cluster node interacts with other nodes in the network, a node with a high residual energy is selected to perform its functions. The technology of selecting the main node based on fuzzy logic, which involves the use of a number of input parameters, the effect of which is demonstrated in the article, is proposed.

Comparative Characteristics of the Functional Possibilities of the Computer Mathematics Systems in the Process for Solving Tasks

The comparative analysis of the most common systems of computer mathematics is made and their structure is described. The main functions of the systems of computer mathematics are determined and benefits and disadvantages of using the systems Derive, Mathematika, Matlab, Mathcad, Maple, MuPad, Gran, GeoGebra are directed. The Ukrainian software tool Gran is described which is used for graphical analysis of functions (Gran1), the systems of geometrical objects on the plane (Gran-2D) and objects in space (Gran-3D).

Розширення алгебри алгоритмів аксіомами операцій циклів

In expanding the known classical algebra algorithms received meaningful input operations elimination, introduced a new extension. At the level of innovation is the introduction of the alphabet in special unitermiv, what are the signs uniterm return cycle and conditional uniterm cycle. At the level of innovation definitions of operations is an axiom uniterma input and output in the region of the operation cyclic sequencing, axiom input and output uniterma in scope and with the operationcyclic elimination, input and output axioms uniterma in scope and operation cyclic paralleling.

Establishment of connections between customer demands and properties of a product using the method of QFD and FUZZY LOGIC

Now for the developed countries of the world community is inherent to ensure quality by organizational and management measures, namely development, implementation, certification and continuous improvement of quality systems. Proceedings of the outstanding scientists of the twentieth century W. Shewhart, W. E. Deming, Joseph M. Juran (first introduced the concept of “quality control”), F. Crosby, K. Ishikawa, Armand V. Feigenbaum, H. Taguchi, T. Seyfi formed a modern strategy based on the application of quality management systems (QMS).