Antarctic Peninsula

Investigation of dynamics of glaciers of Argentine Islands archipelago using GPS for studying of climate changes on the Antarctic Peninsula

The geodesy survey of small island ice caps in Antarctic Peninsula region within the framework of the GIS project for the Argentine Islands archipelago has been started in 2002. The purpose of monitoring is the possible regional climate changes observation on shape, position, dynamics and future of archipelago small ice caps. The task was determined by the latest data of regional warming up to +5°C in the Faraday/Vernadsky area during the last century.

Detailed geodynamic model of Penol fault (Antarctic Peninsula) on the base of geodetic measurements and geological-geophysical data

Detailed geodynamic model of lithosphere of Ukrainian Antarctic station “Academic Vernadskyy” area is given which is made on the basis of processing of results of GPS-measurements and the geologo-geophysical data taken during the works of 8th and 10th Ukrainian Antarctic Expeditions. The local and regional components of geodynamic influence on investigated territory tectonics are picking out.