The Possibilities of Using Audit as a Tool of Marketing Control: the Case of a Polish and Ukrainian Company

The article focuses on the issue of marketing control. The immediate goal is to show, on the example of analyzed cases of enterprises, real possibilities of using a marketing audit as a tool of strategic control of marketing. As a starting point for the considerations, the author quotes the views discussed in the literature on marketing audit (which may be viewed as conceptual, structural and process models) as well as the internal audit.

Administration of access rights to the corporate network with the integrated automation of the bank

The article is devoted to the administration of access rights in Role-Based model Access Control to the corporate banking networks. Four main functional roles are offered in accordance with the international standard CobiT. The problem of remote connectivity to information resources of banks in terms of security is similar to the problem BYOD. There are proposed an algorithm of the automated control of remote access. The algorithm is based on the separation of the work area in the virtual space of the bank's server.