aviation equipment

Theoretical and applied principles of the efficiency of aviation equipment restoration

The results of the enterprise's economic activity are multifaceted and depend on many factors. Under such conditions, it becomes more and more difficult to evaluate the obtained results of the enterprise activity. This is especially difficult to do in the aviation industry, since the complexity of aviation equipment and the tragic consequences of its malfunction significantly complicate the calculation of the economic efficiency of the aviation equipment restoration.

The essential characteristics of the basic concepts of the categorical apparatus for the economic assessment of aviation equipment restoration

The article is devoted to the study of the essential characteristics and interrelationship of the main concepts of the categorical apparatus of the economic evaluation of the restoration of aviation equipment. Peculiarities of the approach of various authors to the definition of the concept of aircraft repair are analyzed. It has been established what types of repairs are used during the operation of aviation equipment. The economic advantages and disadvantages of using various types of repair for aviation equipment are determined.