Banking control in Ukraine: problems of implementation and adaptation to international standards

The article revealed that the current national legislation of Ukraine, unfortunately, does not have a legally regulated concept of "banking control". Scientific doctrine is multifaceted and contains diametrically different interpretations. Without pretending to the completeness and redundancy of the analysis of existing views on the nature of bank control, we will formulate the author's definition of "bank control".


The relevance and objectives of the work are the need to expand and improve the interaction of financial intermediaries, to improve the quality and increase the volume of financial services provided. The object of research is the integration of banks and insurance companies for the distribution of insurance products through the banking network both in Ukraine and abroad.

Technology relationship billing system bank’s customers-partners

The realities of today indicate that the banking market is characterized by fierce competition due to globalization of the economy, the rapid development of information technologies, and improvement of business processes. This is reflected in the problems of increase of management efficiency tad asana high results of activity of banks, ensure their competitiveness.

Anti-krisis financial management of banks on example stalemate of “Brokbiznesbank”

The economic and financial crisis in Ukraine today increasingly exacerbate the situation
of all entities both enterprises of different scales and insurance companies, credit unions,
investment funds, banks and so on. Functioning of the economy of any country can not be
imagined without efficient banking system. Banks deeply penetrate into the sphere of
production and actively influence the economic and social processes in the country. For a long
period of banking institutions activity has been unstable and it gets worse every year. The