Technology relationship billing system bank’s customers-partners

: pp.55-62
Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechnikov

The realities of today indicate that the banking market is characterized by fierce competition due to globalization of the economy, the rapid development of information technologies, and improvement of business processes. This is reflected in the problems of increase of management efficiency tad asana high results of activity of banks, ensure their competitiveness. Despite the theoretical and practical developments of scientists, remains insufficiently investigated a number of aspects related to the creation of a mechanism to ensure communication with clients with the aim of increasing their competitiveness. Therefore, the aim of the study is to develop the technology of interconnection billing system of the Bank with customers, partners. An important issue of the interaction of banks with clients is the development of tools in the formation of consumer loyalty in the conditions of transformation of behavior of retail consumers of banking services, shift to electronic banking. Exploring factors influencing ebanking services, the prospects for the use of billing systems for the formation of consumer loyalty in the market of banking services the basic directions of use of information technology in banking. Information technology (it) acts as a most powerful instrument through which the Bank can work on their systems in the expectation that their modernization will allow to use all the benefits from it applications. For banks, the cooperation with the mediator is, first of all, the expansion of sales channels of banking products and coverage of the credit institution. Therefore, a dominant position in the channels of distribution in financial markets, as previously assigned to financial institutions, and moves towards the consumer only in the case of the provision of services of the segment "private banking", the range of services offered and quality of service which is based on a thorough needs analysis with a view to their satisfaction and meet individual lifestyle. 56 The combination of information technology and software is reflected in the billing system, which is designed to calculate the consumed services by the users. Also it is intended for automation of calculations with the client, and one of the important qualities is its flexibility, i.e. the ability to adapt to circumstances that have changed. In business today revolve endless streams of data, huge amounts of information, which previously would have taken months, but now there are many different enterprise systems that handle large streams of data and designed to meet the conditions of modern business. The necessity of introduction of information technologies in various structures and various activities at the present stage is met a huge variety of ways: designed and developed a huge number of different platforms, applications, configurators, languages, methods and tools; introducing the latest technologies working with clients like CRM and other corporate systems, technologies and platforms. In a period of uncertainty, when future scenarios of application usage it is impossible to predict, platforms are always more beneficial than the finished product. Joint development of innovation business representatives and vendors – the only way to solve topical problems