Simulation of transients for designing multiple power filter circuits

The practice of operating multiple single-tuned filters in industrial power supply systems has shown that technological transformer capacitors in switching filters within the systems can cause the damage of filters. The most disturbing loads on the power supply systems are powerful AC arc furnaces. Static Var compensators used in the power supply systems contain multiple harmonic filters for harmonic mitigation and reactive power compensation.

Generation of a circular magnetic field in a three-phase asynchronous motor at single-phase power supply

One of the important problems of electromechanics is choosing the capacitance required for switching three-phase asynchronous motors (AM) into a single-phase network. In fact, the problem comes down to the choice of a capacitance value, at which an operational magnetic field of the motor will be as close to circular as possible. The solution to this problem by using mathematical models of symmetrical electric machines needs setting a number of simplifying assumptions and does not ensure the reliability of calculation results.