чинник розвитку

Scientific and methodological culture as a factor in the development of public sphere in Ukraine

Problem statement. Modern Ukraine, which carries out the public management modernization, faces challenging tasks, both practical and theoretical. To solve them, it is necessary to make an in-depth theoretical substantiation and refer to the semantic foundations of the development of modern civilization. It is particularly important in current circumstances, when the Russian Federation, along with military aggression, wages a semantic or ideological and methodological war, i.e. a struggle for consciousness, awareness and an adequate attitude of people to real processes.

Innovative thinking as a factor of the public governance development

Problem setting. An essential feature of Ukrainian nowadays is the process of reforming Ukrainian society, which includes the necessity for conscious planning of the process of modernization and rational substantiation of its irreversibility and civilization. Democratic modernization is characterized by a qualitatively higher level of freedom of all subjects of social-power relations, provides real competition of concepts, programs and projects.