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Microprocessor Subsystem of the Smart House to Control the Multichannel Irrigation of the Room Plants

This article develops the principles of building an intelligent home microprocessor subsystem to control the multi-channel irrigation of houseplants. The relevance of this topic has also been substantiated. Currently, there is a small number of devices in demand with a comfortable user interface and timer, which allows to adjust the watering at any time of day. The advantages over other available analogs and the need to create a customized system have been investigated.

Сomputer system for alerting indoor microclimate critical values

An alert system has been studied, in which sensor data can be collected and analyzed for further processing and action. Notifications are generated when data is compared against certain criteria. The ESP8266 microcontroller has been chosen as the basic device for implementing such a system, as this Espressif controller is a highly integrated Wi-Fi SoC solution that meets the demands of the cyberphysical systems industry in low power consumption, compactness and reliability. This solution is one of the most effective for the alert system.

Implementation of Smart Technologies in the Mine

The basic methods and principles of mine safety systems have been considered in the paper. The algorithm of one possible smart device (smart helmet) is depicted. This algorithm describes the basic principles of this device. The device allows to find danger in the environment where the miner works, as well as monitors the condition of the miner. It can also quickly analyze this information and report the danger when it is detected. The system has been developed and programmed including basic modules for implementing this algorithm.

Computer System for Converting Gestures to Text and Audio Messages

Today, there are quite a large number of deaf- mute and hard-of-hearing people which communicate using gestures. Therefore, it is simply necessary to provide them with modern means of communication with the surrounding world. This paper creates a holistic computer system architecture for converting gestures into text and audio messages. The principles of construction and basic design solutions of a computer system based on a modern element base with increased productivity and minimization of hardware costs and energy consumption have been developed.

Computer system management by multiple channel lighting equipment

The problem of controlling the computer control system of multichannel lighting devices is considered. Basic means of lighting control systems are determited. Generalised structure system for controlling of multichannel lighting devices is developed. Expediency of use of trunk serial interfaces in such systems is substantiated. Efficiency of use of DMX protocol is subsnantiated and analysed. The structural scheme of multichannel lighting devices control system according to such a protocol and the general algorithm of system operation are considered.