Analysis of mean function discrete LSM-estimator for biperiodically nonstationary random signals

Discrete estimators of the deterministic part for a biperiodically nonstationary signal obtained by the least square method (LSM) are analysed.  It was shown that LSM-estimation allows avoiding the leakage effects.  The conditions of consistency for the discrete estimators are obtained.  The formulae for variance estimators, which describe their dependencies on a realization length, sampling interval and signal covariance components, are analysed.

Algorithmic Method for Precision Enhancement of Paper Pulp Blade Consistometer

The article deals with the algorithmic method for precision enhancement of paper pulp blade consistometers . In the said method, the current strength in the winding of a moving coil of a magnetoelectric transducer in the steady regime of sensor`s blade motion condition is measured during its movement in downstream and upstream directions. Thus, we can minimize the error resulting from the impact of changes in flow velocity relative to paper pulp measuring blade of the consistometer. Schematic diagram of a paper pulp consistometer with paper pulp flow velocity compensation is presented.