constitutional principles

Regulatory and legal principles of the legal status of the national council on Anti-corruption policy issues

The article analyzes the theoretical and legal foundations and normative and legislative norms of the legal status of the National Council on Anti-corruption Policy. Despite a significant number of legal provisions regarding the foundations of its work, most of the norms have an indirect meaning and only partially regulate the process of functioning of the National Council in certain directions. In addition, only one sub-legal document, the Decree of the President of Ukraine, directly concerns the legal status of the National Council and its key aspects.

The role and importance of the principles of law in the formation of modern administrative law

The article examines the role and importance of the basic principles of law in the formation of administrative law. It is noted that the most important task of the modern stage of the development of administrative law is the legal provision of the functioning of public authorities, their bodies and employees, as well as forms and methods of activity on the principles of the rule of law.

Legal basis of civil society and its interaction with the public authori

The main theoretical legal principles and prerequisites of the concept of civil society forming in the theoretical and legal thought, the current state of interaction between civil society and public authorities are examined. The problems facing towards the introduction and implementation of democratic values of civil society, and solutions through reasonable balance of interests of public authorities and civil society in Ukraine are analyzed.

National sovereignty and human rights as the fundamental and interrelated principles of constitutionality

The question of the meaning of the national sovereignty principles and human rights for a modern constitutional state is raised and analyzed. It is noted that the two mentioned principles are closely interrelated in the process of their realization.