corruption risks

Causes and Forms of Corruption in Education

The problem of corruption is important for many countries because corruption undermines trust in the government, violates the rule of law and leads to socio-economic inequality in the country. In different spheres of society, manifestations of corruption can be observed. Overcoming corruption in the educational environment is an extremely urgent problem since corruption is incompatible with the main purpose of education - to educate and encourage young people to the correct civic position, patriotism, respect for laws and human rights.

Corruption in Ukraine as a result of systemic inefficient state administration

The article analyzes corruption as a result of inefficient public administration in our country. It is noted that it is the state that is obliged to carry out purposeful activities in the fight against corruption at all levels of state power by creating a state-legal mechanism for eradicating corruption, eliminating the prerequisites for its existence through the implementation of a system of preventive measures, both legal and organizational.

Typology of corruption events in police

The article deals with theoretical aspects of typology of corruption manifestations in the police. Emphasis is placed on the existence of corruption risks affecting the effectiveness of police activities. It has been proven that preventing corruption risks is a complex process, as not all risks can be identified and assessed, many of them likely and probable. The principles of criminal, administrative and disciplinary liability of police officers for committing corruption offenses are considered.