National and information security (current update)

The focus is on information security issues. There are always cyber threats in a globalized society, but in times of certain world or state problems and difficulties, their impact is particularly acute. It is stated that the world now is facing a new problem - a new disease whose treatment does not have treatment and prevention in the form of vaccination. The set of measures taken at the state level causes the weakening of the state and non-state sectors of the economy and applies to all spheres of life of both individuals and the state and international institutions.

Changes in the tax legal regime of entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in connection with the COVID-19 distribution

The article deals with the current problems, development and public relations in the field of taxation of Ukraine in connection with the spread of COVID-19. The research input focuses on the analysis of the main problems of the current tax system in Ukraine. The issues of particular changes in the tax legal regime of Ukraine, which are related to the implementation of the fiscal (fiscal) and monetary (monetary) policies in the context of quarantine measures, are investigated.

Preparedness for the challenges of viral infection and application of knowledge of biosafety technologies by students

The state of development of the disease on COVID-19 is analyzed, the need to comply with the principles of biosafety, competency base, which provide training for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to create new effective drugs, including antiviral drugs, is emphasized. Introduction and deepening of knowledge of the principles of biosafety and biosecurity, the use of molecular PCR tests, serological ELISA tests, knowledge of the dangers of dual use of experimental studies affects almost all disciplines of "Biotechnology and Bioengineering" and "Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy".