cutting process

Study of the processing of small diagnostic creations on a fluid sourcing by spiral survivals

The article considers the features of the drilling process where there is a change in temperature, hole diameter, and displacement relative to the axis and the impact on the tool, when machining holes with high-speed steel drills there is wear of the transverse edge which is completely rounded to create a conical surface. There is a decrease in the negative value of the front corners on the transverse edge of the decrease in axial force, which led to a decrease in the intensity of wear of the transverse edge.

Аналіз та вибір критерію локального руйнування під час імітаційного моделювання процесів різання у системі deform 2D

In the article the conducted analysis of the most widespread criteria of materials destruction is in reological САЕ cutting models. The brought results over of imitation design of cutting process with the use of different criteria. The given recommendations are about expedience of the use of criteria during treatment of different materials.

Параметри поперечного перерізу зрізів в радіально-обкочувальному способі нарізання зубчастих коліс з осьовою подачею

Mathematical dependences are worked out for research of cutting process and formation in the radial-circle method of gear-wheels cutting by a disk milling cutter. Results over of theoretical analysis of cuts parameters — thickness and area of transversal cut and experimental research of wear of disk milling cutter are brought in the process of cutting of gear-wheels